Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Im so excited about TWILIGHT!!!!!

Here is Edward and Bella for the movie version of "Twilight" Im not sure if they are who I pictured but I think they will be good. He isn't quite as "gorgeous" as he sounds in the book but Im sure it will work out. I am really excited for the movie to come out! I have totally fallen in love with this series. I read these books soooo fast I just couldnt put them down. Thanks to all the people who suggested that I read them! See ya :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Glitter Graphics


Christmas Glitter Graphics

I had to add this one for my girls too. They will love it!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Our Christmas Cards

We just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. We have had a really great year. Michael is still working as a Foreman for Dream Home Developers. He is really enjoying his job and he does very well for them. I am a full time mommy as well as being a full time Lab Assistant. I have been there about 6 years now and it is still ok. I enjoy my job most of the time I only wish I wasnt so much of a Zombie! haha
The girls have both grown and changed so much this year. Mikelle had her 1st birthday, she started walking, talking, playing and is just being so independent now. She is a little ball of fire and has us laughing all of the time. She loves to ham it up! I hate to admit it but she is deffinetly a daddys girl. They are the best of friends. Michael is pretty much wrapped around this little girls finger! But that is good. Jayda just had her 5th birthday and to be honest I still cant believe she is that old. She is involved in pretty much every thing this year. She was doing ballet, tap, tumbling, a choir, soccer and she is in a preschool class once a week. Whoooo thats alot! She loves to be active and she is mommys big helper. She has her own chores and is working on being a big girl now. Mikelle and Jayda have also become the best of friends this year and I love it. They love to play dolls, and tea partys, pretty much any thing together. Dont get me wrong the fight alot but hey they are sisters right.
Michael has had a fun year hunting and helping guide some of his good friends. He didn't get his deer this year but I have a feeling he will make up for that soon. haha As always we were both playing alot of sports. Softball, volley ball and basket ball (michael) . I am trying to do my share of hobbies and things also. I am still in a scrap book club, I play volley ball weekly (if not more) and I am still trying to stay very involved with any type of music. Which brings me to my church calling that I love! I get to be the Primary music leader!! I absolutly love this. The kids are all so wonderful and it lets me get really creative and have lots of fun. It is something that doesn't make me nervous either! Michael is in the elders presidency and he is enjoying that. He is a talker so it just comes naturally to him.
Well Happy Holidays to you all! We love you and appreciate you all so much!

The Abbotts
Michael, Teresa, Jayda and Mikelle

Friday, December 7, 2007

Putting up the Tree

I should have posted this one first but it took way longer to do! We had lots of fun and I think we only broke 2 ornaments so that is pretty good! :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Getting ready for Christmas!

Well on Monday and Tuesday night this week we put up our Christmas lights and some outdoor decorations. It was fun but getting a little cold! After Michael had loads of fun scaring the girls by throwing them in the air we had some hot cocoa to warm back up! I love this time of year! :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

O.K. so I've been tagged to write 6 facts or things about me. Thanks Traci :). I am just using Traci's and putting my own spin on it cause Im lazy. haha

1. My biggest pet peave is not having milk on Sunday mornings. haha I know weird right.

2. I love to just watch my kids. I am amazed by them and the things they think up. Today Mikelle was loading and unloading her baby doll (and all of its personal belongings) into this chair and the whole time she just kept saying "sleepy" over and over. It was so cute to me.

3. I love MUSIC!!! I love everything about music. I love to play the piano and sing. I love to hear a really good "skin tingling" baritone\tenor! (ex. Josh Groban) AHHHHH. Now thats heaven You might not know that I am taking voice lessons, as well as giving them.

4. I love when my husband gets in a mood. (not like that) Where he is just so ambitious I never know what he might do. I can come home one day and find a pond in my back yard, or our entire house will have new molding or something like that. He is a little crazy. haha I love ya honey.

5. I love having a wood stove in my house. OK random I know but it is so comfortable to me. I always had one in our homes growing up and it just reminds me of that I guess. When I was little we would wake up in the mornings to read scriptures(6am) and we would all go snuggle around the fire and try to stay awake. haha Ahhhhh. Good times Good times! :)

6.One of my biggest dreams was to be an opera singer. From the time I was little I thought that would be amazing. Now my biggest dream is to make it through one meal with out having to sweep my wood floors again. haha funny how things change huh. I am going to tag Mrs. Bond, Mrs. Doyle, and Mrs. Jones (if you havn't already done this)


Well it is a holiday tradition on my husbands side of the family to be very serious black friday shoppers! This was only my 2nd year of participating in this wild tradition but it was soooo much fun!

We drove to Flagstaff on thursday night, got to our hotel room and tore into the sale adds. We finally went to sleep about 11:00 pm.

Then to my ears delight the alarm went off at 3:00 am and we were up and ready to go by 3:45 am.

This is us getting serious about the sales! Traci didn't get the memo. haha

We shopped all day and didn't get home untill about 8:pm. Wow!!! I deffinetly spent too much money but I got most of my Christmas shopping knocked out so that is good. I didn't throw any punches or any thing either so that is also a plus I hear. I did explode another egg though and this time it was all over myself. haha LOL Tobi. Well my best deal of the trip was by far the wool coat that Michael bought me. (He doesn't know that yet though. haha) and it was regularly 140$ and I got it for 40$. Not bad huh. I also got a food saver for like 70% off, also a smoking deal. We drove 2 vehicles this year (good call) and we pretty much had both packed from top to bottom!

Well most of all it was so much fun to get to spend quality time with the girls we had a blast! Good food (olive garden) , good company, good deals, good times, I Cant wait to do it all again next year!

This was the aftermath, I sure have alot of wrapping to do!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Best Fire Starter Ever

Ok so the other day we were getting ready to build a fire. I walked out of the room and when I came back this is what my baby was up to. She did almost all of this by herself Im not kidding. The only thing we helped her with was moving the wood the other direction and then of course Michael helped her light it. I was cracking up! She is such an observant and smart little girl! We could not imagine a day with out her to make us smile! :)

Monday, November 5, 2007

We finally got family pictures! YAE!!!!!

Well the girls were sicker than heck but we made it thru these and they actually turned out pretty good. Hope you like them. :)

Shes so deep in thought!!

I love this one even though she isnt smiling.

Our little ANGELS!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween!!!! Girls from another time!!!

Jayda was our little "50s girl" she kept telling everyone that she was either a "Poodle" or a "fifteens girl" it has been cracking me up but we finally got it down.

Mikelle was a "flapper girl" which is totally random I know but I think whe was sooo adorable. She had the cutest white feather boa that went with it but she was not having any part of it! Oh well you cant win them all. We mostly just went to familys houses and we deffinetly got the hook up from them all!!! Thanks guys!!!! We met up at Tobis house and got pics with all 17 grandkids before the trick or treating so here are some of those.

This was all of the grandkids on Michaels side except Tracis baby Brittyn.

Hiking down the street to the next house is a challenge with this many kiddos. You need a police escort or something. haha

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5128005093394696658" />

Mikelle loved helping Grandma Becky pass out candy. She would scream and run every time the door bell rang.

This is by far my favorite picture of the night!!!! I love when my girls are nice to each other!!! :)

Hope you enjoyed love you all and hope to see all of your Halloween pics!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

Well it was once again time for the Abbotts to get some pumpkins carved. We had a great time at my sister in law Tracis house. She made some killer "smokey" (haha Traci) potato soup with rolls. It totally hit the spot after being outside in the cold wind for an hour. I helped carve Mickys "UMPKINANA", but Jayda was all about doing hers all alone this year. She did a really good job!!! The kids had fun and did a good job on each of their pumpkins. We then played, talked, ate, ate some more and then had some really scary looking cupcakes. Thanks to all of my sister in laws who make every thing so much fun and always include everyone!!! I am so thankful for the wonderful family I married into!!!

heres Jayda looking serious

Me and Mikelle! She would barely touch the "Guts"

I know I know Im a dork


Daddy showed up just in time for some hot soup!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Ok so Brittney you deffinetly called this one. Haha So I walk in the living room to see my baby trying to help fix Michaels gun. Now before anyone freaks let me explain. So Michael had the gun inside(not loaded) because he had just bought a new scope and was attaching it. Well when he was done Micky thought it would be neat to be just like daddy. I was dying laughing. It was such a funny moment. I think she will deffinetly take after her father. He was loving this as Im sure you all know. No worries though the huge screwdriver and gun are safely put away now!!!! :)

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Last picnic

Well Jayda decided that we needed to have one last picnic before it was to cold outside. So thats what we did. We had some ham and cheese rolls with mustard to dip them in but for some reason both of my girls thought that the mustard tasted better on their apple slices. YUCK!!! But to each their own, right. We had fun in the nice weather, I hope it will last just a little bit longer up here.

Later that night the girls found the most expensive toy in the house! :) Well maybe the computer that came in it, but the box was free. I love how that works. They played in this for like hours. They were cracking me up. See ya.