Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Quickie :)

Michael had told a friend he would help them drive a boat down to ROOSEVELT LAKE last weekend (a real hardship), so us girls decided to go visit my sis and her family in Flagstaff for a couple of days. It was mostly a fun visit other than our lake trip getting rained out, Mikelle vomiting on me at 2 am and spending way to much cashola! haha No but really it was fun, thanks Scott, Melvinsky and boys for letting us stay with you. We'll do it again soon. :)

Monday, July 6, 2009

4th Weekend

We had a lot of fun over the weekend! Leslie and her family were here, and my aunt Belinda and her kids also came up. It was great to see everyone and spend a little time together. I thought one of my neighbors was shooting guns at 4 in the morning and couldnt figure out why, then I realized it was just the anvil going off. haha the new perks of living in taylor! :) I also rode a horse for the 1st time in about 14 years. Whoa. My honey was so proud. This horse thing by the way is just Michaels latest obsession. Michael was brave enough to take all 3 of the girls to the rodeo by himself while I was at work. He said it wasnt hard at all. (what ever) haha All in all it was a good 4th, hope every one elses was also great!