Saturday, December 20, 2008

What we have been doing

Sorry its another mass post but I guess this is just my way! :)
Jaydas first Christmas Program, she had a speaking part and did great!

Decorating the tree one of the many times this month. haha
Ps. This is one of my favorite outfits lately, the girls got style!

Baking bread! I know a miracle right. haha

Trying to get all of my holiday crafts and gifts finished.

Holiday nails, a must!

Having sleepovers with cousins!

Aunt Kara and Uncle Billy sent the girls these beautiful Christmas Dresses! Ps Kara they love them so much. They both felt like princesses at church today.

Here is my latest prego pic, Mommy, Micky and baby at 22 weeks

And of course the annual mad, crazy, wild 4 person birthday party! Its the best way to celebrate all of the kids birthdays that are in December. Here is a clip of one of the fun games that we played!

You probably wont hear from me untill after Christmas so I hope that every one out there has a wonderful Holiday Season!!!! Love ya- Teresa :)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Its a B......

Well its not a boy thats for dang sure. Haha So I guess that leaves us with 1 other option. Yes I know its NO big surprise that we are having another sweet baby girl! But ask me if Im sad, No way, I am so in love with both of my little girls and I cant wait to add another one to bless our home!!!!! Yes My sweet husband is a little disapointed but he is already over that and is now on to picking out names and getting ready to fall in love all over again! :)