Sunday, February 24, 2008

The day in photos!

Pouting :(

Today Mikelle was playing in my closet while I was trying to get ready but she was so cute in there that I had to break out the camera AGAIN!!! haha She is like a little roller coaster one minute laughing and happy and the next pouting and and screaming. Oh my heck I forgot what it is like to have a 2 year old! :)

Happy :)

Somber and content :]

Michael finally cut his hair today! (thank you much) it was getting a little long and scary kind of hedge-hogish (probably not a word) so it deffinetly looks better! I think he is one good looking man! Just for the record he was not very happy about me posting this and to get a decent picture of him took some serious convincing! haha

Jayda was up to her usuall tricks today. haha She is always up for some picture taking! This was her right out of the bath sporting the towel look, she thinks it is so funny to do this. As far as this other picture goes I think she has watched way to much "top model" or something! haha

This is just me working on the ol blog! haha

Friday, February 15, 2008

Micky and the butter

Ok so we had just finished dinner the other night and I left the room to go do something and when I got back this is what I see. Mikelle is up on the counter (her favorite place) with a little plastic knife and is going to town on the tub of butter that I had left out. Oh my goodness we were laughing so hard but we were also trying to take the butter from her(unsuccessfully) haha. She deffinetly got that from her daddy cause he thinks everything should be cooked with lots of butter!!!! It was to funny to get mad but it was deffinetly gross!!! haha

My Poor Baby

So Jayda Lynn woke up super sick today with a fever of 103.1 YUCK! But she has all in all been in pretty good spirits. She was laying on my bed while I was trying to finally post on this poor blog and she sais to me " Mom is my fore-noggin still hot" it cracked me up. Michael always refers to her head as a noggin and I guess she has picked up on it. It was to cute especially when she felt so bad. I hope she will bounce back soon, because even though I love the cuddle time and the very "dependentness" she is just not my spunky little Jayda right now! :(

Well this is Jayda after her long soak in the tub, some tylenol, a little chicken noodle soup and a good dose of cartoons. I think she is doing quite a bit better but is still not quite up to par.

Josiah Leming - One Last Song

I loved this guy from his first audition on A.I. but he sadly didnt make the top 24. I found this video of him on you tube and it just really goes to show how much talent he has. I will deffinetly keep my eye on him!!!