Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The last litter :)

Well I dont know about you guys, but my hubby sometimes thinks that he needs to have a say on what I put on this blog. haha Not even but I guess I can humor him today! :) j/k Honey.
So we breed german shorthair puppies and he's been telling me for weeks that I need to post some pics of our sweet little babies so here they are finally. We only have one left and I think we might have already sold her but if not Michael thinks we have room in our home for just one more dog. :) He is so funny with these guys. This was our mama dogs last time though and we are sad because she is the best and has awesome puppies. But now she can live out the remainder of her life in peace and quiet and with out bleeding saggy boobies! Hurray for Allie!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Hurray for Mothers!!!!

Well its getting close to mothers day and I just need to give my mother a shout out! She is such a wonder woman and I really appreciate her. Last week was a rough one for me, I ended up working 6 nights in a row and that was close to 65 hours! yuck. On Thursdays I usually dont have a baby sitter in the mornings so that I can sleep because I dont work Thursday nights. So any way I was driving home Thursday morning (night #5) and I couldn't stay in the lines, I woke up a few times to the waaaaaaaaa sound. Well I have a 30 minute commute home so 20 minutes into the drive I finally called my mom to tell her my dilemma. I needed to have Jayda to pre-school by 9 and picked up by 11 and I had quite a few other things I needed to accomplish that day. So that meant no sleep for me! :( So my mother sais "Get the girls up and ready and I will be there to pick them up at 8:30". I finally made it home (thank heavens) and my mom was there at 8:30 she took the girls and said she would bring them back later in the afternoon. I called and cancelled everything I had to do for the day and went to sleep at 9 am and didnt wake up untill 4 pm. I slept for 7 hours strait!!!! Ok so that might not sound like a lot but I normally get 4-5 hours a day and its usually broken sleep like and hour here and an hour there. I felt like a new woman! I just needed to say thank you, thank you, thank you to my mom because even though it is such a small thing it was a HUGE thing for me! She is so wonderful in so many ways and has helped me more than I could ever express! This was only one example! We love you so much mom! :) Thanks!!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Funny!!!!! And Fun!!!!!!!!

So Mikelle is starting to be a little bit sneaky. I was fixing Jaydas hair in my bathroom and couldnt find my hairspray. All of the sudden I could hear this spray sound, I knew Micky had my aerosol spray some where but I could not find her any where. I finally had to yell out that she was going to get a spankin when she starts to cry no, no, no. She was in the middle of my family room hiding under my quilts on the rack. It was sooo funny but I tried to keep a serious face so that she knew not to do it again. Well not 5 minutes later she came running out of my room with a girly thing covering her mouth dying laughing at herself. Oh my gosh I lost it there, it is way to hard to be upset with that girl!!!! It was so funny. They always keep us on our toes dont they. hahaha

Well I am so excited, I tried out for a production they are doing here in town back in January but I never heard back from the people in charge so I just figured I hadnt made it. Well a few nights ago I finally got a call telling me that I had been chosen for one of the main parts for "Joseph and the technicolor dreamcoat"! I used to do plays and performances quite alot but I have been out of the loop for a while. I am really excited to get back into this kind of stuff. My family is going to hate it but I am grateful that Michael is being really supportive of me. As a mom some times it feels like all of your ambitions and things you would love to do get put on the back burner, so I am really happy to be getting this oppurtunity!