Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nothing much

Well not a lot of major stuff has been going on the last little while which is probably a good thing. Michaels elk hunt is finally over! Yae. He got a pretty good bull not the one he wanted but not to shabby either. Im just happy to have my personal slave/hubby back. haha Thats what he has felt like since he got home any ways. hey you know what every pregnant woman deserves a personal slave right. :)

So these are just some cute random photos but my girls love to help me in the kitchen so this was us making dinner this week. I was frying bacon for potato soup so I threw on my apron and of course that means my girls both need to get theirs on as well. What funny little things they are. So I know my kids really look like homeless children lately but man am I exhausted all of the time so I have a feeling that for the next 7 1/2 months this is what they will continue to look like. haha

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Well its a little late but I just wanted to formally welcome Brittney into the family. The Abbott bunch is crazy, overwhelming and a little bit out of control but I couldnt have picked a better, funner, more loving and accepting family to marry into. I am so excited to have you as my sister in law and look forward to many great years to come!!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Mikelles big news!!!!!

Ok well I guess I better add a little bit more to this unexpected post. We are not due forever!!!!!!Well thats how it feels any way, it will be the end of April or beginning of May so that puts me at just 7 1/2 weeks. I know its early to be announcing this but for those of you who know me you know I cannot keep suprises to myself. So were in for a long winter but a very exciting spring! :) For those of you who asked, thanks so much and no I have not been sick at all. Whew. I am really lucking out so far, I am a little more tired than usuall, have an up and down appetite and am a little bit less patient (not hard to do) haha but over all I am feeling great! Plus my cha-chas have grown like 2 sizes already, woot woot who doesnt love that! :) Thanks again for all of your responses and we will keep you posted!!!! Oh and ps we will deffinetly find out what we are having, like I said bad at suprises, but Michael already knows its a boy which explains why he already has the color scheme and theme of the babies room all picked out and ready to purchase. haha :) You just gotta love that guy.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Michaels Deer 2008

Well my sweet heart that likes to go hunting oh so much got his deer 2 weeks ago! Yae one down and 2 to go. haha He is really happy with the one he got, it is in velvet still so its actually kinda pretty. Yes I called a deer pretty. Sorry about the blood in the pictures I know its totally gross! Michael is so proud and that makes me proud of him even though its not my thing!!!! :) Good Job babe! Ps thanks Dustin for being a good hunting partner.

Ok and ps this is silly but I am so proud of Michael for this. He gets Jayda ready most mornings and then takes her to school and he is getting really good and creative at her hair-do's in fact I think he is better then me now. :) haha I love you babe and thanks for all of your help your the best!!!!!