Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jayda Lynn Got TAGGED!!!

Jayda was tagged and we are to write 7 facts about her. So here is what I came up with.

#1. Jayda is DRAMATIC haha. No but really I think she has got a future in acting or some sort of performing.

#2. She will probably hate me for this some day, but she has always slept with one eye open! When she was a baby it would freak me out but I guess we are used to it now and its just really funny!! If you click on the picture you can see it better. :)

#3. Jayda is a sweet heart! She has her moments just like any other 5 year old but she is really kind. She always wants to be giving people something like money out of her piggy bank and making silly cards for every one just because.
#4. Jayda is a great big sister. I mean come on of course there is the constant "mom she has the book I was looking at", and the pestering and stuff. But truly she loves her little sissy!
They love to play together. #5. She has the most beautiful blue eyes! I dont know where they even came from but Im sure glad she lucked out!
#6. Her favorite foods are

Ketchup Tacos (grandma Vickis recipe), my home made banana bread, chocolate milk or

regular milk, and of course pizza!!

#7. Jayda is a ray of sunshine! She loves to sing! She is always going around the house singing these funny little songs she makes up. She loves to make people happy. She knows no strangers (kinda scary sometimes) but she can strike up a convo with any one any where! It is such a great attribute and Im sure it will be great for her later on in her life.

We love you Jayda!!!

We now tag Aaden, Tori, Jacob,Dra,Kyesun and any one else who thinks this looks like fun and wants to get the kiddos involved! :)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

My sweet little thumb sucker

Mikelle is definitely one of those kids who never liked a pacifier, but will not go to sleep with out the aide of her thumb! Secretly..... I really love it! haha We are sadly thinking we should try to break her of it soon and I am not looking forward to that. She is so good with it, its to bad that society might think its a bad thing plus I dont want her to end up with crazy thumbs(Mel and Kara :) or crazy teeth. So any pointers on how to break the habit would be great! Lately she is also one of those kids who wont go to sleep with out mom or dad holding her and I was up to 3 am this morning trying to break her of that one before I finally gave up! haha

So here I am this afternoon trying to put us both down for a nap (I have to work tonight) and she was singing a lullaby with me and back to me and it was soooo cute, she is such a little sweet heart! I had my camera close by (YAE!) so I recorded her singing this it is really adorable, sorry you have to hear me in there but she wouldnt do it on her own. The other is a really cute pic of her and her daddy falling asleep the other night! See ya later