Wednesday, August 13, 2008


This is Jayda trying to wake up enough to get ready for her 1st day of kindergarten. Im not a morning person either. :) She is so lucky that she has her wonderful cousins to walk to and from school with every day. Thanks guys! Jordyn is in the class next door and Garret is in her class.

She only has to walk 1 block to get to school but that includes crossing 3 streets and yes her mama is way paranoid. haha some times you just gotta let them go.

Heres her new class room she is sooo excited about everything.

This was what Mikelle and Jayda wanted to do when they got back together for the rest of the day. They love to play dress up, especially with mommys clothes.

Jayda had to get 5 shots on Tuesday and since she was soooo brave and such a good girl she got to go to the DOLLAR TREE to pick something out. My kids love that store!
For some reason Micky was trying to nap in the laundry basket, she is so funny.

Jayda has really started to be a big helper in the kitchen lately and wants to no longer just help me but do things all by herself. She unloads the dishwasher and puts most things away, she takes out the garbage and puts a new liner in the can, she sweeps and washes the countertops. Whew thats more than I even do. :) haha So this day Jayda decided she wanted to make lunch for us all by herself and let me tell you she did a great job. She made shredded cheese sandwiches with a lot of mayo and 1 piece of ham. haha she is so cute. :) Dont worry tho she did remember to throw some carrots on the side to keep it a little healthy.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hancock Family Reunion 2008

Thanks to all of those who put this together, we know it is a big job and we appreciate it!!!
To all of the fam who didnt make it this year we love and miss you guys and hope to see you there next year!!! :)

Here are some fun photos from our great weekend.