Thursday, February 18, 2010

Haddie Cakes

Well this little bambino is 10 months old today and I figured since its been 2 months I better get a post up. haha

Haddie is now-

crawling everywhere. man can this kid motor
saying mama, dada, puppup, tickle tickle, no no, uh oh and if you ask her mother she sais binki (bidi)
a bottom-less pit, the biggest mooch you have ever seen no meal is sacred any more
a tease
loving to dig into piles of socks, papers, dishes, toys and it all goes flying (is this our ball player)
a binki baby (first time for me)
a great sleeper
funny and sooooo getting an attitude. haha
I could go on for ever but the boss is now growling at me and pulling on my clothes so I better go.
:) See ya