Thursday, February 18, 2010

Haddie Cakes

Well this little bambino is 10 months old today and I figured since its been 2 months I better get a post up. haha

Haddie is now-

crawling everywhere. man can this kid motor
saying mama, dada, puppup, tickle tickle, no no, uh oh and if you ask her mother she sais binki (bidi)
a bottom-less pit, the biggest mooch you have ever seen no meal is sacred any more
a tease
loving to dig into piles of socks, papers, dishes, toys and it all goes flying (is this our ball player)
a binki baby (first time for me)
a great sleeper
funny and sooooo getting an attitude. haha
I could go on for ever but the boss is now growling at me and pulling on my clothes so I better go.
:) See ya


melinda said...

She's a doll! Can you even believe our babies are 10 months old?!? I know people always say their kids grow up too fast, but seriously--ours were JUST BORN.

Your'e doing better than me--I totally need to get some pictures on my blog!

Happy 10 months Haddie!

The Webbs said...

how adorable!!!

Domini & Porter Caldwell said...

Can't believe she is 8 months. She is adorable!

Randy and Tiffany said...

I cant believe she says all those words so good and shes only one month older than Madden! what an adorable picture! She is a cutie! :)

Dawn Hancock said...

Wow, Teresa you are so blessed to have such beautiful little girls. They are all sooo adorable. Congrats, and enjoy. Just reading your blog made me baby hungry! :)Hope you are all doing good!

{The Huffakers} said...

Hey! Hopefully you see this comment. Just wanted to thank you for your sweet comment about Garrett's birthday. I was so happy I got to talk to Jayda. I miss her a lot & I can't believe how grown up she is. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you. Your comment meant a lot to me. Love you guys!