Sunday, April 18, 2010

Can I slack any harder?

Haha This is the phrase that pops into my head every time I even think about my blog. I always promise to be better ,bla bla bla. I have just got to face it people, I suck at this but will keep trying. Even if its only 4 times a year. haha

So much has been going on as of late but I will try to just touch on the big stuff. :) Since we last heard from the Abbotts we have had a WONDERFULLY FANCY happy happy 4th birthday, a terrificly windy easter weekend, and today a stupendously fantastic 1st Birthday is about to unfold. I am going to try really really hard not to cry my eyes out and be excited for this occasion, but I am very sad. The baby is almost gone and it breaks my heart. You all know what I am talking about right? Well any ways I will post more later about Hadley and her big day but for now here are some great pictures of the last 2 months. Till next time. :)

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