Monday, November 9, 2009

The big 7

I cant believe it has taken me a week to post this but last monday Jayda turned 7!!!!! Holy cow I am so old. haha She had a great birthday, a new bike, cupcakes in her class, a family party that night and even a few special visits from unexpected people. :) Thanks every body.

This is for Jayda now that she can read so well-

7 Things I love about you Jayda Lynn

1. Your beautiful smile

2. That you love to sing every where you go

3. How much you love your sisters and help me with them

4. Your eagerness to learn new things

5. Your artistic spirit

6. That you make me laugh

7. How much you make me feel loved!!!

Happy 7th Sis


Kim said...

I can't beleive she's 7!!! And she's so gorgeous... They grow up fast Dylan will be 6 on Sunday...

melinda said...

Happy Birthday Jayda! Those are some fabulous pictures of her! SO CUTE!

Emma turned 7 last month too, where does the time go? They were JUST in pre-school!!

kaitlynn said...

How sweet!?! Happy late birthday Jayda. Those pics are gorgeous.

LesEliTori said...

Tree you almost made me cry.... she is such a lil lady now. I love her so much! so glad you posted these pics!

Kiara and Scott Vowell said...

ANY DAY I CAN PLAY!!! I would love love love love love love love love love to. Let me know when you guys want to do it. HOW FUN.. 2432552, there is my number, hopefully no creep takes it. And by the way your girls are BEAUTIFUL.. SO stinking cute.

Jill and Devon said...

holy gorgeousness!
she is gonna be trouble trouble trouble!

and P.S. you are no where near old ;]

madi said...

jayda i love you